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La Azohia

The Azohía is a singular entity of population of Cartagena (Region of Murcia , Spain ), pertaining to the deputation of Perín , located in full Gulf of Mazarrón , to the shelter of the Mountain range of Muela and Cabo Tiñoso . Fishing town and also tourist thanks to its beaches and diving. Since Roman times it has been an area sparsely populated by its difficult location, next to the Sierra de La Muela , and its stone beaches, and other more easily accessible, sandy, and used by shepherds, and fishermen, who lived in the zone, and of shelter to boats , in its inlet and small coves.

It is known that already in the time of the Romans fishing was practiced with almadraba, which even today are made with more modern means. And also area of ​​passage by the shepherds, it is unknown if there was already a population in the area or if fishermen and herders moved to La Azohía from their settlements and villages

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