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This current municipality was populated in the Lower Paleolithic, 450,000 years ago. Remains of human presence in the Upper and Middle Paleolithic were discovered in the same spot as the Lower Paleolithic ones. These have a date of the 80,000 BC. 

There is also evidence of human presence in the Epipaleolithic in this territory and it consists in the archaeological sites.

In regard to the Calcolithic in this current municipality, ruins of an ancient hamlet are the trace of the people living in that era. The archaeological site is named El Prado and it has a distance of 3 km from the town Jumilla. This hamlet was inhabited by 300 people and its dwellings consisted in husts formed with reed and mud adobe.

There is a cave in this current municipality which had a sacred purpose for these people 5,000 years ago. In that spot burial sites had been discovered.

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